Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog Update

Now that the Western Hockey League has once again started you can expect regular posts on this blog. The content will remain much the same as last year. The focus will be on the prospects for the 2010 NHL Entry Draft and on prospects who have already been drafted by NHL teams. In regards to the prospects for the 2010 Draft I will provide a thorough evaluation of their skill level as well as provide an assessment of where they should be drafted. I will also monitor the development of prospects who have already been drafted by NHL clubs and provide an assessment as to whether they merit NHL contract consideration. All of my evaluations will be based entirely on the viewings that I have when I attend WHL games -- the majority of which will be in Regina.

For the readers of this blog, I remind you that the content of this blog is my opinion only. Please do not take my opinion too seriously.


Kevin Shaw said...

Hey Brad,

Welcome back to the blog world. I look forward to reading all your prospect opinions.


Gordie Know-How said...

Can't wait! I'm off to the Pats game Saturday night and am looking forward to your comments.