Saturday, October 10, 2009

Calgary Hitmen 5 Regina Pats 0

Prospect Watch: Matt MacKenzie/Calgary Hitmen

This is Matt's third-year in the Western Hockey League, as he has a late 1991 birthdate. He plays a significant role on his team, and is firmly entrenched on the second pairing of defensemen. Matt has a slightly knock-kneed skating style, yet he is able to generate sufficient speed and agility. In terms of turning and pivoting, his footwork is efficient and compensates somewhat for the lack of a smooth skating stride. His offensive skill level seems to be improving, as he is off to a good start to the season. The coach has enough confidence in Matt to use him on the second power-play unit. When he plays the point on the power play he passes the puck crisply and smartly, but he does not demonstrate much creativity or imagination -- in other words he makes the easy play and usually the smart play. In this game he scored a goal by moving into the slot from the point and converting a nice one timer into the net -- he showed good instincts and anticipation on this play. In the defensive zone Matt displays discipline in his positioning -- he doesn't wander around aimlessly. He is able to contain forwards with good footwork and defensive technique, and he uses his stick well to break up plays. In this game, Matt did not demonstrate much in terms of physical play and does not appear to use his size to his advantage when playing the body. It is too early in the season to give an accurate round rating for Matt right now. However, he is a prospect to keep an eye on and appears to be a mid-round consideration.

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Gordie Know-How said...

Hey Brad,
You must be a very disciplined observer -- which distinguishes you (a scout) from me (a wannabe scout).
For example, in this game where you describe Matt's hockey abilities, I saw only #15 Brandon Kozun and #32 Cody Beach! Typically,I like watching the Calgary Hitmen, though I guess they're not as strong as last year -- This time the Hitmen had but 4o shots on goal; last year when they came to town they had 50!